Dolphin Deeksha and Moola Mantra


This is a great meditation that has a very powerful mantra, one of my favorites. The heart chakra is filled with beautiful light rays and the dolphins swimming in the background provide a wonderful visual stress relief.

The Moola Mantra is the primary mantra used Continue reading

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Chakras and Color- Connecting to the First Chakra

By understanding Chakras and color, you will be able to enhance your meditation process immediately.

This is the first of a series of seven articles, each one written about one of the chakras.

You will learn the location of the chakra, the importance and benefits of the chakra, the organs related to the chakra, mantras to use during the meditation process and other information for each of the seven chakras.

chakras and color, chakra 1

Opening your Chakras  (energy centers) during this meditation will allow your kundalini to rise. This article series can be used in conjunction with the Chakra Meditation Cards that are available here on my website.  By clicking  this link …..    Chakra Meditation Cards ….. you will see the entire set of 7 cards. Continue reading

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Daily Meditation: How working with the Chakras can change your life.

Through daily meditation and by working with the energy from your seven chakras you can experience profound healing and change your life.  There are many chakra energy centers around your body.  These energy centers are places where your etheric body, or aura, is connected to your physical body.  Energy can be sent or received from these places.

The chakra daily meditation cards featured here, give you not only detailed information on each energy center, but are a visual aid to focus on as you meditate.

What is meditation, seven chakras, chakra energy centers


With the chakra meditation cards you can incorporate a simple 7 minute practice into your daily routine that will connect you to the seven main energy centers in your body.

When you develop a connection to your chakras you can open these energy centers at will; allowing you to feel more connected to your body, mind, and soul. Continue reading

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Healing the Body with the Mind: Five Steps to Get Started With Mind Healing Today!

Our brains are capable of much more than we give it credit for, and healing the body with the mind is one of them. Everyday our brains are very busy carrying on too many activities count.  Our brains are the most powerful tool that we have.  We are healing the body with the mind every day without knowing it.  Mind healing is a conscious effort and there are five steps that you can take to get started on this incredible journey today.

 Healing the body with the mind

Realize that your mind healing is something that your body does every day, even though much of the time it is an unconscious process.  Continue reading

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Chakras and Color: Using Tools to Help Meditate

Do you know the chakra colors? Wonder how to do a chakra meditation? Check out this Colorful set of 7 laminated cards to get you started…..

Chakra colorsClick Here  + >> CHAKRA MEDITATION CARDS

This set of seven laminated chakra meditation cards will him guide you through a short meditation focusing on clearing all of your chakras.

I am writing a series of seven blog articles that will focus on each of the 7 main chakras and how to enjoy the most benefit from these meditation cards. Be sure to check back soon for them, you will be amazed at the knowledge you learn.

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Meditation Benefits: 7 Key Reasons to Meditate Daily.

When you understand all the wonderful meditation benefits that are available, you’ll wish everyone in the world would meditate on a daily basis. The levels of stress that most everyone experiences in our everyday lives  seems to be increasing more and more, as our world changes so rapidly around us.

Meditation BenefitsWherever we turn it seems everyone is being faced with more information, additional data, louder noises, more people,  and our increasing stress level shows this in the ways we react to situations in our lives.

Learning some of the key meditation benefits will ultimately help you in all aspects of your life: business, personal emotional, financial and of course spiritual, once you start to meditate. Continue reading

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How to Meditate with Deep Breathing

When it comes to choosing a meditation routine to follow to reduce stress, there are many breathing techniques that you can use. Conscious breathing is one of the basic methods to start with and the many benefits of meditation will help your body both mentally and physically.

Below is a great article I came across that explains how to Continue reading

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A Moving Meditation

There are many types of meditation. Mediation does not have to be just sitting still with your eves closed. I have a moving meditation that I use to reduce stress. It is actually a yoga warm-up called the Sun Salutation. It helps to open up your meridian channels and really get your energy moving and blood circulating. A great way to start your day and also it can be done anytime during the day to relieve stress and those tense muscles after Continue reading

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Guided Imagery Exercise- A Visualisation Meditation to Heal and Refresh

Visualization meditation is just a fancy word for a guided imagery exercise, where you listen to someone’s soothing voice (in this case a man with a decided British accent)  describe in great detail a beautiful scene. You begin by taking a few deep breaths and then listen to the descriptive words that you hear and picture them with your minds eye. Watching the video that accompanies this guided imagery exercise, will allow you to see exactly what the soothing voice you hear is describing.

guided imagery exerciseWatching the video that accompanies this guided imagery exercise, will allow you to see exactly what the soothing voice you hear is describing. Continue reading

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My Online Transformation

Life changed. Life impacted. Life freed. These are words that I use when I think about my experience with T. Harv Eker and Alex Mandossian. After trying to find a solution to developing my business online, I found UIBC (Ultimate Internet BootCamp). Those 5 days have changed my life. Continue reading

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